The call of the wild … and the safe

This was the notice for our January 2017 meeting:

So there you are, it’s a week into a new year. You’re just about keeping to your resolutions. You’re still feeling that anticipation of what the new year might hold for you. To be honest, it’s a bit more than anticipation; perhaps anxiety would be a better word. So much is changing in the world as you go into 2017 and so much of life has become hard to predict. Plus, given what you’ve come through in 2016, maybe safe is good. Treat yourself kindly, stay warm, stay well, stay safe. seagull-flyingOn the other hand, there’s that nagging sense that there could be more for you than life has yet given you: that nagging call to adventure, to break free, to take risks, to soar on the wind, to fly across the waves. Maybe both calls can be right at different times – so what time is this for you?

On Sunday 8th January at 3pm, join Open Sky as we gather on the little enclosed beach, right at the end of the eastern arm of Shoreham Harbour. With breakwaters sheltering us on either side, the harbour behind us and looking straight out beyond the breakwaters to the open sea, it’s a time to listen to the cry of the gulls, the restless rhythm of the waves, the howl of the wind, perhaps the drumming of the rain, and the call of God.

See the ‘How to find us‘ page for details of where to come, and don’t forget to leave enough time to walk from your transport to the beach (about 10 minutes from Carat’s Cafe). As always with Open Sky Forest Church, dress for the weather, especially to stay warm and dry. If it’s pouring with rain, we will try to rig up some shelter but can’t promise.

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