Reading Water

There’s a story by Ursula Le Guin (in Searoad, 1991) where the foam on the waves writes words on the beach. In the bible, Psalm 29 talks about the voice of God thundering over the waters. According to Tristan Gooley in ‘How to Read Water’, there are a number of signs to be read in the sea. It may be as simple (but possibly life saving) as, ‘There’s a squall coming’. But maybe if you listen contemplatively, you might hear or see something more profound.Gooley cover

On Sunday 12th August at 3.00, we met on Hove Beach and learned about a few of the signs the sea may be telling us, drawn from Tristan Gooley’s work. Then we spent some time in quiet contemplation, looking and listening as the waves broke on the shore.

Open Sky Forest Church: listening to God by listening to nature


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2 Responses to Reading Water

  1. Peter Elliott says:

    Great programme on waves on TV last week, which we recorded. Did a project on waves as part of our GCE A Level. Hope to see you there as we have no evening service. Best wishes. Peter


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