Open Sky Forest Church

Spiritual connections in nature

Open Sky is a gathering of people wanting to explore prayer, worship and living well. We are looking for deeper connections with nature, with God and with each other.  We meet in (or near) Brighton on the second Sunday afternoon of each month, sometimes on the beach and other times in a park or woodland. Our aim is to meet with God in the natural environment, and so the focus in our gatherings is on stillness and attentiveness to the place, the seasons, the weather, and whatever else is happening. Then we talk to each other about what we’ve experienced and try to discern together where God has been in it. (Don’t worry – no one will be forced to say or do anything they don’t want to.) Sometimes, one of us will have prepared a creative activity to do. Sometimes we will share food together. We may meet at other times, too, for special occasions or to take part in events.

We’re coming at this from a Christian perspective, but want to try to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward. We want to explore, not explain, with genuine open-ness and mutual respect and hospitality, learning from the hospitality of the Earth and the love of God under an Open Sky.

We want to welcome and include everyone who’d like to be included. We aim to be family-friendly and dog-friendly (especially soppy labradors). We will do our best to address the access issues that may arise when gathering outdoors.

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General Disclaimer. Being outdoors always involves some risk. These risks will vary from place to place and from person to person. We will always check out the venue first and will highlight any particular risks, but this pre-visit may happen several weeks before the Open Sky gathering, and so may not account for changes due to weather conditions or other reasons. Not all risks can be fore-seen anyway, for example stinging insects. We meet in public places and you are responsible for the risks you take, and you are free to join in or not, based on your own assessment of risk and how comfortable you feel. Children are the responsibility of the adult who has brought them. If you have any particular health issues or other concerns, please do raise them with us if you feel that would be wise.

Open Sky is supported by Brighthelm Church and Community Centre and is part of the Forest Church network

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